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BBC EastEnders fans think killing off one beloved character will be ‘painful’ but might ‘save the ratings’


Fans believe that one tragic death might save the programme.

One character, in the opinion of viewers, might be eliminated from the show (Image: BBC / Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Fans of EastEnders believe that the show’s ratings may be saved by the death of one character. Following the announcement of Big Mo’s comeback, performed by Laila Morse, the concept was born.

Fans expressed their opinions about Big Mo’s return to EastEnders on a Digital Spy forum, calling it “great news.” “I shamelessly love Mo so am really pleased to hear this,” one fan remarked.

Others, though, believed that the show wouldn’t be saved by Big Mo’s return. Instead, one supporter came up with a contentious fix: “No, Phil’s control over the show is contaminating everything, thus the only way to increase the numbers is to kill him (yes, it will be painful for some).

“Three mature women are being used as chess pieces by an imprisoned criminal. Any story involving Ben eventually ends in a warehouse with Phil exacting his vengeance (as always oblivious to Ben’s needs and wishes).

You are aware that any man who is introduced as having an edge will give in to Phil’s glories. Others, however, expressed their disagreement, with one stating that “Killing off Phil might make some on here happy, but he’s a household name and the last thing EastEnders needs if it wants to connect to those who left in the 2010s is to kill off more characters who have such deep links that make plausible returns happen and work.”

Some viewers believe that firing Phil could save the programme (Photo by BBC/Kieron McCarron/Jack Barnes)

Phil Mitchell is currently incarcerated for planning a murder. He still controls the Square, though, and Sam Mitchell and Kat Slater now oversee his company.

According to BARB, EastEnders ratings have been dropping, with the highest watched episode last week getting 3,378,000 viewers. The most watched show in the first week of June 2021 attracted 3,854,000 viewers.

This number was 4,790,189 in June 2020. According to The Mirror, the programme has recently performed worse than Emmerdale and Coronation Street, which has viewers concerned for its survival.


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