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Do you recognise this EastEnders icon from adorable childhood pictures?


Do you recognise the EastEnders icon who posted these wonderful childhood throwback photos?


She flirted with the Queen Vic’s current landlord, pushed someone off a cliff, and once poisoned her boyfriend as part of a revenge plot, among other things.

Who are we referring to?

Of course, Charlie Brooks portrayed Janine Butcher!

The actress revealed how she and her brother Ben both had aspirations of being performers in TV shows while posting a selection of vintage photos to their TikTok accounts.

The actress claimed that she and her brother both desired to pursue acting. (Image via Charlie Brooks’ TikTok)

She captioned the photo, saying, “My brother and I always wanted to be performers when we were small. I’m not doing too poorly, and Ben, who was a child star, now works behind the camera!

Very true!

Mick was given to Janine exclusively, but it cost her a lot (Picture: BBC)

Last year, Charlie made her eagerly anticipated comeback to EastEnders, and of course, it didn’t take long for her character Janine to resume her meddling and cunning ways.

Despite being in a relationship with Mick Carter (Danny Dyer), Janine was able to persuade the Carter family to reject Linda (Kellie Bright) following a serious automobile accident.

The Carters are still ignorant that Janine was operating the vehicle before to the collision and believe Linda wrecked because she was intoxicated while driving with baby Annie.


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