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EastEnders’ Ricky Champ and wife Sammy welcome baby via C-section


The second child of EastEnders actor Ricky Champ and his wife Sammy has arrived.


Sammy shared the good news with her Instagram followers, informing them that her waters had broken two weeks earlier than expected, necessitating a c-section delivery.

Sammy posted beside a photo of some of the post-op medication, “Tell me you just had a c-section without telling me you just had a c-section,”

Sammy confirmed in her subsequent tweet that she had recently given birth to a child and that her family was “obsessed.”

The second child of Ricky and Sammy has arrived! (Images via Instagram/Ricky Champ and Sammy Champ)

In January, Ricky and Sammy, who already have a daughter together, announced their second pregnancy on social media.

The actor posted a photo of the pregnancy ultrasound along with the statement, “Baby Champ due July 2022.”

In 2016, Ricky and Sammy got married.

Ricky is one of many actors who will be leaving EastEnders as part of a major shake-up.

The news was shared by Ricky’s partner on her Instagram (Image via Instagram/Sammy Champ)

In addition to Ricky, Dayle Hudson, Barbara Smith, Kelsey Calladine-Smith, and Danielle Harold, another notable name on the list is Maddy Hill, who left last week.

“Whenever a new boss comes in, there will always be significant changes, and it’s no different with Chris,” an EastEnders insider told

He has been putting a lot of effort into the background since January and is really aiming to change things up, which will involve saying goodbye to some people.

They stated, “It’s nothing personal to any of the characters leaving; it’s just a creative decision. For great storylines to develop, people have to say goodbye; that’s the nature of soap.

Chris has some extremely significant stories planned, and fans can expect to see his work begin to air this summer.

He is really eager to restore the show to its original form and to rebuild the clans through some major, protracted, explosive stories. Being a part of the performance at this time is amazing.


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