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EastEnders spoilers: Horror collapse, new family, and Phil dies?


While it may seem that Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) is indestructible in this situation, EastEnders has given us a strong indication that the hardman will eventually pass away.


His resistance to turn into grass could very well be the cause of his demise as he contends with a violent assault within the prison.

In the meantime, Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) is surprised to see his extended family arrive, and there are some new faces in the Square.

However, tension quickly changes to anxiety as Avery (Omar Lye-Fook) passes out.

Thursday, July 4

Arriving in Albert Square is Avery (Image: BBC)

As soon as Avery pulls into Albert Square in his flashy automobile and stirs things up with the market vendors, trouble is building. Avery arranges a gathering in The Vic and invites everyone to attend after realising he’s started things off poorly with them.

In the meantime, Mitch has little desire to celebrate his birthday, but Karen coerces him into going to The Vic for a drink. When they find Avery, Mitch’s estranged elder brother, they discover more than they bargained for.

In order to obtain a burner phone, Phil creates an enemy out of another prisoner named Craig and turns to Ravi for assistance. Ben is conflicted when Phil calls and asks him for a favour, which causes Ben to spill the beans to an incensed Kathy. The phone line disconnects as they are speaking.

Back at the prison, Phil and Craig get into a heated argument that requires the intervention of the guards. Later, he runs into Keeble, who tells him that he won’t last long in prison and offers him 48 hours to decide whether to accept her offer.

Denny’s 16th birthday is today, so when a present for him arrives, Jada is perplexed. When Sharon opens it, she is moved by what she discovers.

After speaking to Eve, Stacey questions whether Kheerat is embarrassed of her and puts him to the test by giving him a kiss in the café. Stacey is distraught and thinks Kheerat is ashamed of her when he backs away when he sees Suki coming in. Stacey breaks off their relationship out of rage.

Monday, July 5

Craig issues Phil a menacing caution (Picture: BBC)

Craig gives Phil a chilling message: He will pass away tomorrow. As his situation worsens, Phil comes to Ravi and tries to pay him to support him. After Phil’s contact yesterday abruptly ended, Kat is on edge and is being bothered by a mysterious caller.

Phil calls Kat to ask for help.

Kat’s situation worsens when a new threat is delivered by Tommy.

Sam gives Kat some suggestions. Later, Kat visits Phil in jail and delivers a shocking revelation.

At the Taylors’, things are tense as Avery wins over Mitch’s family, but Mitch won’t even talk to his brother.

Avery is yelled at by Mitch at The Vic since he wasn’t there for him when he needed him. Avery apologises and asks Mitch, who declines, to assist him with a task.

After his behaviour against Stacey, Eve puts Kheerat in his place. Soon after, Suki shows up with Nina and declares that she is engaged to Ranveer.

When Mick offers Linda support before her appointment with the social worker, Janine becomes irritated. Later, Linda announces Annie will be staying with her, but she becomes furious when Sonia makes a joke.

Tuesday, July 6

Linda is told by Sharon that she doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone (Picture: BBC)

Craig informs Phil that his time is running out and the clock is ticking. Phil’s dreams of any support are dashed when Keeble shows up to talk to him.

After experiencing reality, Phil invites Sharon to come see him and offers her five notes for his family and her. When Sharon realises what is happening, she begs him to accept Keeble’s offer.

Sharon asks Phil to fight, but he declines. Craig and his crew show up at the prison to get Phil. Is Phil Mitchell’s career over now?

Karen urges Mitch to give Avery a shot at the position, but Mitch is certain he has another agenda. Avery convinces Mitch to complete the task by showing up with a van full of white goods and assuring him that everything is legitimate. After realising Avery had lied to him and that the work was sketchy, Mitch issues Avery a warning to stay away from his family.

Avery shows up later to speak with Mitch, but he is unconscious. At Peggy’s, it’s opening night.

Sharon informs Linda in another place that she doesn’t need to prove herself to anyone, but Linda is adamant about returning to The Vic. In the end, Mick accepts but informs Linda that he would be going to meet Zsa Zsa with Shirley, leaving Linda and Janine alone.

Wednesday, July 7

When Felix and Finlay share a revelation, the Taylors are astounded (Picture:BBC)

Sharon is eager to learn what has happened to Phil.

As Mitch contacts his two sons, Finlay and Felix, who will shortly arrive, the Taylors wait for updates on Avery.

When Felix and Finlay share a bombshell, the Taylors are taken aback.

While tensions between Peter and Ben are on the rise, Kathy attempts to keep her family together. Peter grills Jay, and when Jay realises that he knows that Ben attacked him, he implores Ben to come clean. Peter is not really interested when Ben approaches him and extends an olive branch.

Linda likes ordering Janine around at The Vic now that Mick and Shirley are gone.


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