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EastEnders to reveal a huge twist in Sam Mitchell in story


There are significant episode spoilers in this paragraph.


The BBC iPlayer box set for the soap opera, which is currently accessible to stream, contains spoilers for EastEnders. These plot information may be avoided by certain readers since the episodes haven’t yet aired on BBC One.

In tonight’s episode of EastEnders, Sam Mitchell will have a major secret revealed (June 29).

Sam’s involvement in the club shooting will be revealed in the episode airing on June 29 on BBC iPlayer, despite her selfless deeds earlier in the week.

After leaping in front of her arch-enemy Kat during a theft at Peggy’s, Sam (Kim Medcalf) was heralded as a hero, but viewers are about to discover that not all is as it seems.

In tonight’s scenes, Sam returns to the Square, and Kat is still in shock after what she learned about Phil and Sharon.

She confronts Phil when she visits him in jail for seeing Sharon behind her back and for rejecting Keeble’s offer.

Kat then coerces Sharon into turning over the club because she wants Sharon permanently out of their life.

Kat offers Sam a position as bar manager because she is still grateful that she saved her life and wants to put their past disagreements behind them.

Before meeting with one of the men that raided the club, Sam gladly accepts Kat’s offer.

Sam claims, “He wasn’t supposed to shoot me.”

They respond, “You said make it convincing.

Sam responds, “Yes, by intimidating Kat and Sharon. “You are still being paid, at least. Fortunately for you, it turned out better than expected. I’m only starting out.”


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