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Home and Away spoilers: Dean and Ziggy become new parents


The couple is eagerly expecting the birth of their unborn child as Ziggy’s (Sophie Dillman) pregnancy is almost to an end.


Their relationship, however, is put to the test when Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) mother, Karen (Georgia Adamson), unexpectedly shows up at their home. She is overjoyed that her granddaughter is on the way and is adamant that they will require assistance once the child is here.

How will Dean and Ziggy get rid of the domineering grandmother? Dean and Ziggy are horrified. They inquire about her work and tell her that she has all the time she requires. They inquire about Brett; he is aware that she must spend time with her family. They watch in terror as Karen settles in and even makes her hated meatloaf.

Karen’s arrival is the last thing they need, and Ziggy is enraged. Dean needs to get rid of her, she hisses. Dean addresses his mother in an attempt to be diplomatic, explaining why she should truly leave. Ziggy continues interrupting, but Dean assures her that everything is under control. Ziggy again cuts him off, but that’s not the issue. She’s giving birth!

Karen, who is overjoyed, flies to the hospital with the newlyweds. She is waiting outside, a beer on her side. In the meantime, Ziggy wanders around her hospital room, telling Dean he must immediately get rid of his mother. Dean is trapped between two determined women: his ecstatic, domineering mother and his enraged, expectant lover.

When the midwife comes to assist Ziggy with her labour, she is afraid. Dean, however, has devised a cunning strategy to keep his mother at bay and is there to offer his entire support.

There is yet one more push to make before the end. He breaths through the pain alongside her. The firstborn of Dean and Ziggy then greets them.


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