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Home and Away spoilers: Why is Alf so hostile towards newcomer Mali?


In order to assist Dean (Patrick O’Connor) in running the board shop, Mali (Kyle Shilling) has recently begun to visit the Bay frequently. This is because Dean is spending more time at home taking care of a pregnant Ziggy (Sophie Dillman). Dean is comfortable knowing the shop is in good hands, and Mali is enjoying the Summer Bay way of life.


Alf (Ray Meagher), who discovers the new person at the board shop, makes sure Dean maintains the highest standards by informing him that Mali needs to complete employment paperwork. Alf is suspicious after observing the two men’s close proximity. After Dean has returned home, Alf leaves again and offers to assist Mali with the paperwork.

Mali finds justifications not to do it, but Alf isn’t one to give up so quickly. Mali is ambiguous once more when asked how he knows Dean, responding that they are just friends. Mali inquires if this is a component of the background investigation after Alf asks more questions. Alf dismisses it with a joke before turning around to ask, “Do you have a problem with me?”

Later, Alf sees Mali teaching a surf instruction to a group of people as he strolls along the beach. Mali catches Alf staring at him as he is giving the students their instructions. After the session, Alf approaches Mali as he is washing the chalkboards. He confuses Mali by offering her a complimentary smoothie.

Alf engages after some awkward small conversation. Does one of Mali’s tattoos say Blood and Sand, as he claims to have noticed?

Mali appears perplexed, but Alf won’t stop until he has a solution. He is curious as to whether Dean has taken his River Boy friend to the Bay since, if so, they are in for trouble.


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