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Home and Away star tells of ‘massive’ development amid ‘very intense’ start to new season




With the lives of bride-to-be Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and bridesmaid Eden (Stephanie Panozzo) set to be turned upside down, the popular Seven drama Home and Away concluded on a huge cliffhanger in 2022.

In a bridal ute with tampered brakes, they were last seen driving toward disaster and heading straight for Jason (James Stewart) and Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

But when the 2023 season of Home and Away premieres on Monday at 7pm on Channel 7 and 7plus, fans won’t have to wait long to find out what happens.

Tane (Ethan Browne), Cash (Nicholas Cartwright), and Gary (Peter Phelps) jump into action when word of a terrible vehicle accident breaks.

Entering the Home and Away cast last year was an amazing experience for Stephanie Panozzo, who plays rocker Eden Fowler, and she is thrilled to be a part of such a dramatic narrative as the beloved drama swings into action for 2023.

Panozzo described the season finale as “high-stakes dramatic” and “extremely drama-filled” in an interview with 7Entertainment.

It’s full-on, action-packed, she remarked.

“Someone has tampered with the brakes, and Felicity and Eden have gotten in a car.

“I can confirm that there is a car crash, and it is extremely, extremely intense. It’s enormous.

“We had a great time filming this on set that day.

“We had stunt performers, fire, and a variety of other things happening on stage.

“It was amazing.”

Panozzo, a native of Melbourne, completed the acting programme at WAAPA in Perth before being chosen to star with Zoe Ventoura and Deborra-Lee Furness in the TV drama Hide and Seek.

Panozzo leaped at the chance to try out for the part of Eden, the bass guitarist in the made-up band Lyrik.

We were in the midst of a lockdown in Melbourne, so I took a self-check,” she said.

She received a call back and was requested to fly to Sydney for an in-person audition; however, the day before she was scheduled to dazzle the casting team, she tested positive for COVID.

She remarked, “I couldn’t travel and I was really heartbroken.

I was devastated because I believed I had lost out on the opportunity and the job.

Instead, she was given the chance to perform the audition through Zoom, and she was offered the position.

I was overjoyed,” she exclaimed.

“I was packing up my life (in Melbourne) and going to Sydney pretty much a week after finding out I’d landed the post,” the author continued.

Since then, Panozzo has relished the opportunity to hone both her acting and singing talents that the part of Eden Fowler provides.

Since you get the chance to practise and hone your talent every day, she said, “I pinch myself that I’m on the programme.

I’m very happy to be a part of Home and Away since it’s such an amazing opportunity and training ground for the Australian business.

In Australia, it’s similar to a boot camp for aspiring performers.

It’s been a blast, and getting to know Eden as a character has been a blast as well.

Who will make it through the terrifying crash that starts the 2023 season premiere?


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