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SOAP SHOCK EastEnders stars Jessie Wallace and Letitia Dean look completely different in throwback snap from 20 years ago


In a flashback photo from 20 years ago, EASTENDERS actors Jessie Wallace and Letitia Dean appear drastically different today.


On the set of Albert Square in 2002, Jessie and her co-star, who played the iconic Kat Slater on the BBC One soap opera, posed for a photo.

Letitia Dean and Jessie Wallace shared a memorable throwback photo via Instagram.
Letitia has played Sharon Watts since 1985 Source: Rex

Letitia, a legendary soap opera star who has portrayed Sharon Watts since 1985, smolderingly looked into the lens.

She accessorised her pink shirt and black miniskirt with a silver belt.

Jessie, a co-star, chose a snakeskin-printed faux leather pencil skirt and a colourfully patterned top.

Jessie smiled broadly and flaunted her signature red lip colour while wrapping one arm around her on-screen friend.

“My gorgeous Tish #2002 Polaroid. #love #myGal,” Jessie wrote.

As commenters rushed to respond to the nostalgia, one wrote: “On that show, you two are the ideal team. It was very nice to see so many of you women in EE this week. Girls rock!”

“Fantastic photo stay happy,” wrote another.

Another added: “I enjoy every new scenario that Sharon and Kat are in. Must cooperate to defeat Sam.”

Another person gushed: “two of my favourites. I LOVE this picture.”

Jessie’s most recent post follows Kat and Sharon’s collaboration to combat Phil Mitchell’s

However, following the discovery of a significant hint, fans are now certain that Sharon Watts and Phil Mitchell will reconnect.

In the BBC soap opera, the hardman—played by actor Steve McFadden—is incarcerated at the moment for turning down an offer to cooperate with the police and work as a criminal informant.

However, until she discovered evidence that Sharon had been surreptitiously visiting Phil, his girlfriend Kat was unaware.

It all came to light while Sam Mitchell and the two women were being held hostage in Peggy’s by two armed assailants.

Kat was startled to see a piece of paper on the ground and scooped it up as soon as she realised what it was.

She immediately confessed that she had discovered her voucher for visiting Phil in jail.

Before attempting to eject Sharon, Kat remarked, “I’m his fiancee, you’re not his wife.”

Sharon, though, remarked, “I’ve tried to persuade him to accept the deal.

“The cops want him to take a breath test, but he refused months ago. He doesn’t need to be hurt, but he won’t pay attention to me. If he just cooperated and wasn’t so rigid, he could leave today.

Kat, who didn’t know, was saddened that Phil had decided to avoid her.

Fans now believe that Sharon and Phil will get back together after spending years apart.

One said: “Sharon and Phil should reunite immediately. #EastEnders”

Added another: “Sharon and Phil are much better to me than Kat and Phil. They must get back together! #EastEnders”

Jessie is most well-known for his fiery roles. Slater, Kat Thank you Darren Fletcher


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